Friday, 11 December 2009

Starting point!

This is the starting point! Like that of an as yet un-used race idea, where having started with hundreds of racers at the start, they are eventually stripped down to a few elite, some racers collapsing, withered due to their exhaustion. Others failing to outrun the tactically placed hunting mammals, and some falling foul of the terrifying "Landmine" section. Obviously, this race is merely a simile, but the runners are "My ideas" and the finishing line is undetermined, but all races must have a start. The ideas could be really bad, and just die due to exhaustion, or randomly not work, like those poor landmine-sufferers. Still, theoretically, if I were to pontificate on one idea everyday, eventually we would surely whittle a massive race, bigger even than the London Marathon (For which my mind reserves a special hatred) into the ELITE, like the final of the mens 100 metres at the Olympics.

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