Monday, 28 June 2010

Another one

My friend is allergic to whipped cream, so when I saw him get some double cream out the fridge I went "Brian, no, don't whisk it!".

Not very good. Seemed funnier in my head. Enjoy.

P.S. This didn't actually happen. I don't even know anyone called Brian, that's a pretty specific allergy, and besides, Brian would have an Epi-pen on his person, or I literally could not be friends with him on the constant assumption he would inevitably consume a huge amount of Whipped cream and go "My Epi-pen, no, I left it at home, where I'm least likely to eat whipped cream! I'm a fool!" and I would have to watch this. It would suck for me.


  1. Mevan, that was so incredibly random! I think that maybe you spent just that tiniest bit of too much time revising the Allergy lecture ;)

  2. Uuum Nida, I don't write this blog. Sadly this level of sheer awesome cannot be attained by me. It is all the brilliant work of a certain Mr John Saunders.

    (See John, this is why you need an about page.)