Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Government U-Turns

The Government cut back its plans to change the NHS, and decided to go against itself in its plans to "fix" sentencing gifts for early guilty pleas. They've started doing so many u-turns in such rapid succession they are essentially an 86 year old woman trying to find her way off a complex roundabout, and spending the time working out what path she really wants by absent mindedly spinning round the carousel repeatedly. The government, weirdly, has taken on the persona of an aggressive toddler, loudly proclaiming its love for something one day, then the next day, shouting "no, I HATE it, and I always have, and if you tell me otherwise I can't hear you nanana!". I wouldn't be overly surprised to go into Parliament to find the walls smeared with yoghurt from lunch (Always banana, you never see a child smear anything other than banana yoghurt. I reckon it's a conspiracy by yoghurt makers and wall-cleaning solution manufacturers. No-one dares check if there's elements of collusion there, but I would bet literally one pound on it) and crayon largely depicting Tony Blair, with arms at erratic angles to his body, randomly declaring war on another foreign state.

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