Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dead Baby Jokes

Hi. This is a public service announcement. It's about Dead Baby Jokes. You know what I mean. Here's an example. I googled "Best Dead Baby Joke", got redirected to a site DEDICATED to them. The gem they picked out: "What's the best sound in the world? Hearing dead baby's hips crack under pressure!".

I think it's fair to say NONE of us could possibly deny the humour in this joke. It's clearly hilarious. It's the funniest thing I've heard all day, but all these dead babies don't talk much. Haha, I made one of my own. These are great!

The dead baby joke is one of society's worst inventions. It's the last refuge of people who want to sound edgy and interesting without actually being edgy or interesting. They're a joke, in the same way as anyone who tells one honestly thinking it's funny is a joke. I'll admit, comedy is very subjective, it's hard to determine what's funny and what isn't. But I think we can all agree, collectively that "Hearing dead baby's hips crack under pressure" isn't ever the punchline to a joke. If you find the idea of a dead baby's hips breaking funny, you're seriously wrong.

"But it's funny because it challenges the social norms"
"Haha, I just punched you in the face, totally unexpectedly, because it's not a social norm! Haha! You're right, this IS fun!"

Breaking a taboo with a message or even some sort of wit is fine. But this is just saying something to be offensive and get a reaction. People DO laugh, because it isn't acceptable, and they feel a frisson of excitement, but it isn't funny. The reason people have to resort to saying dead baby jokes is because they don't actually have anything interesting or edgy to say.

Prepared Edginess ©: Saying things society won't let you say™, available at all good shops.

I sincerely hope this becomes the top link on Google for "Dead Baby Jokes", so that they read this and go "Christ, he's right, I'm hiding behind this shield because I can't interact in a manner which makes me seem like the person I want to be, that is, edgy and dangerous, without relying on someone else to tell me what I should say to be outside social norms. Perhaps I should just pack it all in, and get some of my own opinions, and decide who I am, not make up a fake persona for myself derived of who I want to be clashing wildly with who I am. Some people are just normal people. I am one of those people.".

If this compels at least one person to stop telling dead baby jokes, I can consider it a success. If YOU'RE thinking about making a dead baby joke, STOP. Thanks.

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