Saturday, 13 February 2010

List of Mock puns, as inspired by this new-fangled Mock pun to introduce a round on Mock the Week.

Me and Mevan came up with a selection of puns around the word "Mock". Cringe and weep openly at their combined dreadfulness.

Mock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
Mocky Horror Picture Show
Birds of a feather Mock together
Meet the Mockers
Mock Wan's Fashion Fix
We will Mock you
Mock 'n' Roll
30 Mock
Chris Mock - If he's ever on the show, which is unlikely, let's be honest.
Mocky Balboa
Mock Mock Mocking on Heavens Door
Mock Mock, Who's there?
Mock Horror!
Mock on Mock off (In the form of Wax on wax off, because I'd love to see it.)
Quantum Mockanics
Mockadile Dundee
Mock Ness monster
Otto von Bismock
Angela Mockel (...Germans appear to have an easily punnable name. Two.)
Mock the Hoople (If you haven't heard of Mott the Hoople, I don't know how you live)
Mockney rhyming slang
Xmock(s) 360
Mockzilla Firefox (A little nerdy, perhaps.)
Zelda: Mockarina of Time (VERY nerdy.)
Kamockaze Warrior.

There should be a logical system to these, but there is not one. Fear my chaotic ordering.

(Opera was such a depressing browsing experience. They should have called it Mope-ra.)

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