Friday, 5 March 2010

I'm finally ready to talk about it...

The other day, a nondescript phrase to indicate at some point in the recent past, I purchased from one of my favourite vendors, a delightfully cheap apple juice. "Mmm!" I thought, eagerly anticipating my tiny carton of happiness. "An apple juice will really set me up for the day! And it's only 25 pence! My, could life get any better?!" ran through my head as I queued an agonisingly long time to exchange my money for the sheer joy of apple juice. I very nearly burst it open in the excitement.

As I was walking to my class holding aforementioned apple juice, I opened it eagerly, and began sucking it out.

This is where things take a turn for the worse.

As I am drinking, my joy turns to horror as I realise this juice was 25 pence, not because they are so skilled and talented at making it that they can do so for a reduced price, but because it is horrendous apple juice. "Ah well." I thought, my sunny disposition only slightly sullied by this, "I'll know for next time". As I continued suckling on it, however, it soon became apparent that the straw was TOO SHORT to reach the elixir of horrendousness with lay within a carton of disgust.

"I guess I must have drawn the short straw that day."

Anyways, this ruined my mood, and instead of setting me up for the day, it instead plunged me into the icy depths of a bad mood, from which childrens' laughter sounds like the cackling of demons, and benevolence fills me with distrust, where I stayed, all day. All in all, a poor experience. Worst 25 pence I've ever spent.

Thanks, EuroShopper.

(Who here can tell I only wrote this because I found a good pun?)

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