Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Twitter: An Epilogue

Good news, blog-fans! Are you semi-literate and afraid of these vast swathes of text, waking up in cold sweats at night screaming "Why can't I just read it!?", or are you a deeply sadistic person who enjoys watching me squirm through my hypocrisy, or are you struggling to commit witty aphorisms to memory? If you belong in any of these categories, good news! I now have a twitter account (To the sadists, this was a long and difficult decision, with lots of self-deprecation going on), meaning I can keep you informed with minimal character count.

Watch as I try and abbreviate "appalling" to "Apllng" so that its meaning is rendered completely void! Gasp in wonder as I drop apostrophes to try and make the cut! Be amazed as I begin to believe punctuation is obsolete!

Roll up, roll up, the Twitter circus is in town.

Link for those brave enough to see: Twitter

1 comment:

  1. Is twitter actually that good?

    I've always avoided it, you know with the active social life. ;)